Chicago Tourism

Chicago has a long and storied past as a great American city. It is a frequent travel destination for many Poles. Chicago has many attractive things to do for visiting Polish tourists. Chicago has been named best bicycling city in the country. Both in the Chicago Polish community and out of the Chicago Polish community - you can never grow tired of the possibilities for fun and learning available in Chicago. Having a knowledgeable Chicago travel guide or a good Chicago travel guide book is important if you want to put the places you visit into historical context. You can learn more about Chicago's history by visiting the Chicago History Museum.

Chicago has plenty of great architectural tours on land or by boat. Not to mention great restaurants and a thriving night life. The warmer months are really the best time to visit the city. North Avenue beach is a blast. It has a roof top bar and beach volley ball. Across the way is the Lincoln Park Zoo which is free and open to the public. A few miles down south is Michigan Avenue with plenty of commercial businesses to shop and restaurants to dine in.

You get a good sense of the size and scope of Chicago by viewing it from a top the Sears Tower observation deck. Cameras and video cameras are allowed. It's best to come up top on a clear and sunny day. Down below again, you can visit State street and walk inside Macy's department store (once known as Marshall Fields) and see inside a beautiful historical building with ornate styling from a past era in time.